Eat The Whistle 3.6

  • Categoría: Soccer Games
  • Licencia: Freeware
  • Tamaño: 8.11 KB
  • Sistema: w95 w98 wME w2000 wXP
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Goal! Do everything for the team!

Eat The Whistle is one of the best football simulators when you compare its simplicity (size) and quality. Without any fanfare, licensed and free and open source, Eat The Whistle doesn't lack the essential details found in every good football game for the PC.

Eat The Whistle, for example, has game modes with football matches with teams (in World Cups), in countries' leagues, cups and, in all cases, with real teams. The graphics in Eat The Whistle are rather naive, but the controls (with remote or keyboard) are very comfortable, and very easy to use even for children.

With Eat The Whistle you can create on-line multiplayer games, although the system is still at an early stage. The football matches in Eat The Whistle take place in 30 different stadiums, the game has a tactics editor, you can edit the teams, it has a commentary option for the games, etc.


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